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Cayuga constitue la nouvelle génération de logiciels de gestion vidéo : mise en réseau illimitée, administration simple et flexible, utilisation confortable et intuitive.

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Business Video Intelligence

SeeTec Business Video Intelligence - Dashboard - Screenshot of BVI R11 on a monitor

BVI closes industry-specific information gaps by combining digital image data enriched by video analytics with process data.

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SeeTec SMA Screen with Tools

With the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) you can obtain regular software updates easily and cost-effectively and protect your investment for the future.

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Products for installations of every size and scope

Security Management System

SeeTec Products - Video Management System - 3D Globe - Connectivity

Video Management is the central system interacting with a variety of other systems and devices.

Core elements:

  • Various interfaces for adding functionality 
  • Seamless integration: Video analysis, license plate recognition, access control, intruder alarm systems
  • Effective visualisation: Interactive maps & floor plans

Business Video Intelligence

SeeTec Products - Business Video Intelligence - 3D Globe - Flexibility

Video seamlessly integrates into business processes, making them more transparent and optimizing them.

Core elements:

  • Business process integration: Driver-based interfaces to connect to business data sources such as ERP systems
  • Research client: Specific user interface to find and visualise particular events easily and quickly

Multi-Site Roll-Out Projects

SeeTec Products - Multi-Site Roll-Out Projects - 3D Globes - Manageability

Qognify software supports infrastructures and roll-out processes also in large multi-site installations.

Core elements:

  • Architecture: Bandwidth management, centrally managed or federated multi-site installations
  • System management: Central configuration, distribution of updates
  • Roll-out support: Pre-configuration, automated license delivery

The Multi-Solution Platform

The cameras are the eyes, the software is responsible for administering, operations and security - that has always been the concept of video surveillance done with Qognify software.

Systems used for recording or live monitoring of video feeds today have become an essential part within security management. With our Multi Solution Platform, based on the current generation of our trusted video management software Cayuga, our customers are investing in a solution concept that transgresses traditional video surveillance. Because today, video technology is not limited to security. It can generate added value or savings for a variety of industries like logistics, retail and transportation - all bundled in a product we call Business Video Intelligence (BVI)

Thus, software products from Qognify are the basis for new, future oriented system solutions that incorporate both: video surveillance and video management with built-in intelligence. And that makes us your reliable software partner to reach your goals: more security and creation of value - today and in the future.