Privacy and Data Protection - SeeTec sets High Standards

Public safety is currently a prime topic of public debate, not only in Europe. In the aftermath of the attacks of Paris and Brussels the perpetrators and their leaders are being searched for globally with the help of video surveillance footage. The objective is to prevent further attacks and hold those guilty to account. In a free and democratic society the means we employ need to be carefully weighed against the very rights and values that we intend to protect.

In Germany personal privacy and hence data protection rank very highly. As a German manufacturer we implement the strict rules of German data protection law in the functionality of our software – not just because it is the law we need to abide by, but also because we are committed as a company to the highest standard of personal privacy protection.

For instance we offer ways of making sensitive parts of an image unintelligible. Privacy masking can hide parts of the image; motion scrambling prevents identification of moving objects. Furthermore, system access can also be secured via the four-eye principle (input of a second password). Data is transmitted between client and server and also between the different SeeTec modules using AES encryption. Cameras can be attached using https. Thus both privacy and safety can be achieved.

More informationa about privacy and data security in SeeTec Cayuga.